Ask someone about print classified ads and you might hear how no one reads them anymore. Or that online classifieds have made them obsolete. But a new report by Pulse Research shows that the death of the classified ad has been greatly exaggerated.

In its annual Pulse of America Survey, Pulse Research collects data on national purchasing behaviors and intent. It found that 85% of its respondents read classified ads, and 39% read them frequently. (The number was even higher for the Western region: 89%). And 74% of respondents who placed a classified ad said they received a satisfactory to excellent response.

The truth is classifieds remain an affordable and effective advertising solution, particularly for businesses who want to reach a local audience. What makes them effective? In a word: intent.

Not everyone who reads the paper will flip to the classifieds. But everyone who reads classified ads are there for one reason — they’re shopping for something. Whether you’re selling a home, offering legal services or hiring for an open position, you’ll want to be where people are looking.

So what about those online classifieds sites like Craigslist? Why haven’t they killed print classifieds yet? It all comes down to a question of trust. Studies show that print ads are still the format consumers trust most when making a purchase decision.

Affordability, engagement, intent and trust. Not to mention a high rate of response. If you want advertising that gets results, it’s hard to argue with that.

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