Content Marketing – Cultivate Your Audience and Control Your Own News Cycle

Consumers have needs, and are eager to hear stories they’ve not heard before. By relating to consumers’ needs through informative, appealing content, businesses can capture their imagination and inspire them to engage. Disciplined content strategies help businesses attract and nurture more prospects, generate higher response rates, and earn increased customer loyalty. Unleash your power to influence audiences with storytelling through articles, videos, case studies, infographics, blog posts, webinars and events.

Specializing in storytelling and content creation, Oregonian Marketing Solutions is uniquely able to manage this often-complex process to help you achieve your most important objectives. We track consumption of all content we produce. Then we analyze the results, optimize and report to you. You’ll experience concrete results like lower costs per lead and conversion, and shorter times from first contact to first purchase.

Content Marketing By The Oregonian Marketing Group

No matter your objective, there’s a highly effective content strategy and toolset for telling your story.

Brand Building

Ensuring that consumers understand who you are, what you do and why: videos, webinars, social media, articles, blogs and events.

Website Traffic

Improving your search rankings and driving website traffic with content that attracts both people and search engines: website copy, blogs, case studies.

Lead Generation

Producing, nurturing and converting more qualified leads: white papers, case studies, buying guides.

Retention & Loyalty

Maintaining relationships and cultivating advocates by engaging consumers with content tailored to their specific interests.

Branded Content

Once you’ve convinced consumers to visit your website or follow you on social media, your content must remain informative and engaging. Anticipating the needs and questions of consumers at different stages of the buying process and providing compelling stories that satisfy their concerns is crucial. Our content strategies ensure that consumers will receive all the information they need to progress on the path to conversion.

Sponsored Content

We tell your story within Oregon’s leading news and information platform, both on OregonLive and in The Oregonian. There’s a distinguishable halo effect created by immersing your story within our trusted news environment, which improves your overall impression and results in more quality engagement and measurable brand lift.

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