Our Marketing Process

Businesses and consumers have lots of choices and are more empowered than ever to seek and explore products and services of interest. Our proven four-step approach combines extensive market research, leading technology platforms and expert local resources to position your business as the best choice.

Our collaborative four-step marketing approach to developing successful results

3 black circles and curving arrows with 1 yellow circle. Our Process Oregonian Media Group.

True to our journalistic roots, we start with research – on your industry, trends, company background and competition. We’ll evaluate your search rankings, gauge relevant search engine demand in your category, and assess your social media presence.

Using proprietary first-party audience data, we’ll develop accurate depictions of your target customers. During this step, we’ll collaborate with you and learn from your successes, challenges, opportunities and key performance indicators, and provide guidance on the results you can expect from our solutions. With access to your Google Analytics, we’ll do it with even greater precision.


Understanding your goals and capacity for growth, as well as competitors’ strengths and vulnerabilities, enables alignment on campaign scope, budget and timing. We’ll review relevant case studies to inform our strategic planning, leveraging our proven best practices and local expertise to develop a proposal for achieving your goals. This step validates our mutual commitment to developing your strategic plan and deploying your campaign.


Upon campaign launch, our Account Management team will work closely with you to observe and report on results. During this step, we align our solutions with the consumer journey, growing awareness, consideration, conversions and other key performance indicators, helping you to drive scalable results.


We’ll continue to evaluate traffic sources, identify top-performing channels, A/B test creative, and recommend campaign optimization or course-correction measures when they’re needed. This step fosters a TEST – MEASURE – REFINE – SCALE success loop.

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