Director of Marketing Chris Hammond discusses with Strategy Team leads John McPhee, Jason Nab and Sylvie Dale on the current landscape for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and what businesses may do to retool to drive traffic and revenue.

(0:36) What’s the current landscape for organic search?

(1:03) How can businesses retool to continue driving revenue?

(2:31) How should businesses prepare for a ‘return to normal’?

(3:10) What are the key benefits advertisers can enjoy by applying these tactics?

(4:03) How can Oregonian Marketing Solutions help?



Director of Marketing Chris Hammond discusses with Digital Strategists John McPhee and Jason Nab what businesses can be doing strategically to market themselves and sow the field for the long-term amid the fast-evolving landscape of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

(1:10) Effectively communicate with customers

(1:51) Low- or no-cost channels to relay messages to customers

(2:31) Recommended management tool for social media

(3:34) Email marketing as a viable channel

(4:11) Changing the script in your messaging