Reach and convert clients before, and during, their time of need.

Digital Marketing For Lawyers – Spend more time winning cases rather than fighting to win new clients

Two-thirds of American legal clients rely on the internet to find a lawyer. With more than 12,000 practicing attorneys in Oregon’s fiercely competitive legal landscape, strategic digital marketing is a must for any law firm that needs to stand out from the competition.

We can help turn your firm’s name into one of the household variety. The Oregonian and OregonLive command the largest audience of any media provider in Oregon and Southwest Washington, and with an average household income above $80,000, they’ve got assets to protect.

Yet beyond traditional mass-marketing tactics targeted toward general audiences, law firms must connect, nurture and build personalized relationships to drive preference and selection. No matter your legal practice, communicating with prospective clients both before and during their time of need demonstrates empathy and competency, and establishes trust and authority. We help you do it cost-effectively by reaching just the right number of prospects you need to grow in a manageable way.

We activate a proven lead generation tool kit: targeted email marketing; display advertising targeted by behavior, context and geography; SEM; SEO; content marketing and more. We use all to help law firms identify, qualify and nurture just the right audience of prospects and future clients.

Because you should be spending your valuable time winning cases rather than fighting to win new clients.

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