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Digital Marketing – When homes need fixing, make sure you’re top of the ladder

Here in the Pacific Northwest, homes are one of our most cherished passions, but our climate ensures that they take a beating. And, our area’s high housing costs make maintaining and improving them an important investment.

The Oregonian and OregonLive offer the market’s most expansive coverage of all aspects of home ownership and home improvement. From our weekly Homes & Gardens and Real Estate sections, to biannual home improvement special sections, our large and eager audience always responds to the content.

And it’s a well-qualified audience: Over 67 percent of subscribers to The Oregonian and readers on OregonLive are homeowners.¹ With an average household income above $107,000, they’ve got money to spend, or rather, invest.¹

But you don’t necessarily need to reach all of them, so we can target just the right number of leads that you need to grow in a manageable way. We track readership of our digital home improvement content and readers’ other related browsing activity and cross-reference it with valuable third-party data to create customized, highly-qualified lead sets for our advertisers. No matter what type of service or product you’re marketing, from the foundation to the rooftop, inside and out, we’re able to cost-effectively reach and convert just the precise number of prospects to become your newest customers.

Source: 1.Scarborough 2021 R2; Base: Portland DMA (28 counties); Target: A18+ and The Oregonian INA + OregonLive in the last 30 days.
Home improvment tools. Oregonian Media Group.

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