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Finance Marketing Strategies – Reach and convert more of your precise customers and prospects

Let’s face it: Financial marketing is a lot different from most other forms of consumer marketing. How so? More than marketing a solution to meet a short-term need, you’re marketing the promise of a better, more comfortable and financially secure future. Your message and medium need to be aligned. And once aligned, you’ll need the assets and patience to carefully nurture your prospects across numerous channels and touch points.

Offering you the largest audience of any media provider in Oregon and Southwest Washington certainly helps deliver more prospective leads. Over 67 percent of subscribers to The Oregonian and readers on OregonLive are homeowners.¹ And with a $100,000+ Household Income index of 128, they’ve got assets to protect and money to invest.¹

But we know that financial services marketers don’t necessarily need to reach all of them to grow your business, so we help you reach just the right number to grow in a manageable way by applying a proven lead generation tool set: email marketing; display advertising targeted by behavior, context and geography; audience purchasing data; SEM; SEO; content marketing; and more, all to help financial businesses find, qualify and nurture just the right audience.

Source: 1. Scarborough 2021 R2; Base: Portland DMA (28 counties); Target: A18+ and The Oregonian INA + OregonLive in the last 30 days.
Financial chart. Financial services Oregonian Media Group.

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