It's a leads game.

B2B Marketing – Reach and convert more of your precise customers and prospects

Let’s face it: Marketing to businesses is a lot different from marketing to consumers. How so? When marketing to business decision makers, you need to perfectly align both the message and the medium.

And once aligned, you’ll need the assets and patience to carefully nurture your business audience across numerous channels and touchpoints.

We apply all of the proven lead generation tools in the kit (email marketing; display advertising targeted by behavior, context and geography; audience purchasing data; SEM; SEO; content marketing and more) to help businesses find, qualify and nurture the right audience – no matter how elusive they may be.

Offering you the largest audience of any media provider in Oregon and Southwest Washington certainly helps deliver more prospective leads. But it’s the high quality of those conversion-ready leads that will make the greatest impact on your acquisition costs.

Man speaking to group of people at computers. B2B services Oregonian Media Group.

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