We’ve mentioned before that print ads are still one of the most trusted advertising formats for consumers who are making a purchase decision. Yet businesses sometimes struggle to prove the effectiveness of print.

Unlike digital advertising, consumers can’t click a print ad, providing reams of data you can analyze later to see what happened. You can include a custom URL to a landing page, or a coupon code as an incentive, both which help track responses. But what about when those tactics aren’t relevant?

Luckily, there’s an easy solution that lets you track print as well as digital, for more transparent results — call tracking. With call tracking, we provide custom phone numbers to be included in your print ads. These numbers ring through to your business, just as any other inbound lead would.

There are several benefits to this. For one, it takes the guesswork out of attribution. Because each custom number is reserved for print only, you’ll know exactly how many leads to attribute to your print campaign. Want to know what ad sizes, ad placements, or creative approaches are most effective? You can utilize unique phone numbers for every factor you want to track, and then compare their effectiveness side by side.

Call tracking also lets you judge the quality of any leads generated, not just the quantity. Are your ads attracting the right prospective customers?

And since calls are recorded, they provide valuable market research. For example, you can listen to the questions customers are asking, and the language they’re using, which can inform future marketing messages. You can even assess the effectiveness of your call center staff.

So next time you need to report on the effectiveness of a campaign, make sure you have the data and insights on hand to tell the complete story. Consumers trust print, and with call tracking, you can trust it’s working, too.

To get more actionable insights from your print ads, contact us and ask about call tracking. Or combine call tracking and a business listing with our Find Me Bundle.