McMenamins’ website showcases a complex array of services — everything from hotel bookings and foot traffic at their 60+ properties, to events and coffee roasting. The challenge with this sprawling site, and its campaigns, was a lack of strategic planning. The company needed a multi-pronged approach that would effectively target all of its key audiences with distinct paths to purchase and a consistent brand.


This proved to be a massive undertaking given everything beneath the McMenamins umbrella. Customizing each campaign was crucial. Using a mix of display, high-impact ads, re-messaging and print, we precisely targeted each audience and guided them to the right destination. Most importantly, we implemented long-term SEO and SEM strategies (emphasis on “long-term”) that would give the plan time to mature.


  • McMenamins achieved a whopping 41% increase in hotel bookings – for a 40% lift in revenue.
  • Overall they enjoyed a 12.5% increase in website traffic with more pages viewed and more time spent on site.
  • And that traffic included a 3.5% bump in new, more qualified visitors.


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