Case Study:

Private rehab clinic


A private rehab clinic treating alcohol and drug addiction needed to fill empty beds. Leads could come in via phone call, email, or site form fill. They had been running with local broadcast TV but needed to be able to attract leads at less than a $800 cost per action (CPA).


We pitched their services in terms of addressing the customer journey across awareness, consideration, and conversion over the course of a 90-day test. For awareness, we offered behaviorally targeted solutions: targeted digital display and social media marketing. For consideration, we offered solutions to be found and persuade: search engine optimization, search marketing, and custom content for a landing page. For conversion, we offered re-messaging and analytics tracking solutions: Google Tag Manager setup, with custom goals for form fills and click to call/email, a Google Analytics dashboard, and targeted digital display and social media retargeting.


Awareness: Drove over 9,000 site sessions (includes 17% lift to organic traffic and 25% lift to direct)

Consideration: Set up scroll depth tracking, and over 8,000 pages were scrolled at least halfway

Conversion: Drove 168 leads for a CPA of just over $100/lead


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