A limited-assortment supermarket chain launched a new e-commerce website to entice individuals and small businesses to try something new: have groceries delivered directly to their doorstep. With an initial target audience of Women 25-54, the primary household grocery shopper, their goal was to build brand awareness of the new online shopping service and drive orders. The online grocer engaged our team as their primary advertising partner in helping them promote the new shop-from-home program.


We developed a Facebook ad campaign targeting Women 25-54. They layered the Facebook campaign with additional targeting to those who “liked” big box stores. The team closely monitored and optimized the campaign to meet the client’s KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for the number of orders received and their CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). Upon close analysis of the campaign metrics, the social team discovered the target audience had high interest in three types of stores: low priced, independent and ethnic food stores. These actionable insights led to broadening the audience targeting so the online grocer could drive greater brand awareness, engagement and sales.


  • Facebook campaign generated sales in the first week!
  • Strong analytics revealed untapped market potential
  • Campaign optimization for new audience targets drove weekly orders to double and the cost per acquisition declined 23%


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