A law firm with practice areas in personal injury, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation and others; had an underperforming website and a search campaign that was generating minimal and low-quality leads. The firm turned to us to help them significantly improve user experience on their website and generate a higher volume of quality, actionable leads to grow their business.


  • Improve website user experience
  • Improve quality of leads


We developed and executed a three-phase digital marketing program designed to give the firm a solid branding foundation to build upon, generate a significant improvement in the quality of leads and volume of conversions, and enhance their social presence by generating actionable social engagement.

Phase One: Rebuild the client’s website from the foundation up. Created a mobile responsive site that improved user experience on desktop and mobile devices, including conversion-friendly pages that prominently display call to action buttons and phone numbers.

Phase Two: Implement a Search Engine Marketing campaign (SEM) by establishing effective keywords to reach a relevant, geo-targeted audience, utilize our industry-leading bid management platform to drive budget efficiency, user engagement and measurable return on investment. Over time, the ROI generated from the SEM/Paid campaign was reinvested into improving their organic SEO campaign.

Phase Three: Develop quality content for social engagement. Our social media strategists and content teams worked with the client to create engaging, informative articles and social posts for their Facebook page that focused on their areas of expertise. To extend the brand and social engagement beyond their Facebook page, article content was leveraged for sponsored social posts and articles that appeared on targeted news pages.


  • SEM campaign conversions surpassed the industry average within the legal category by 137%
  • Leads increased by 80% and they saw 104% conversion growth in the first three months
  • Cost per lead decreased 34% from the first three months versus the most recent three months
  • Facebook generated reactions, shares and high engagement rates of 10% – 12%
  • Sponsor posts and content on targeted sites received 1,200 article page visits and a 92% engagement rate


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