An auto dealer wanted to implement a complete digital marketing approach, transitioning away from traditional media such as television and radio, as well as third-party lead providers. This shift took place over the last three years and has resulted in the dealer moving from a 4th place position in regional market share to a No. 1 ranking.


  • Increase sales growth
  • Increase the number of site visitors
  • Generate organic and direct site traffic


Our team recommended a digital-first approach centered around driving traffic to the dealership’s website.

  • Turning their own website into a lead generation engine, increasing their direct trackable marketing leads.
  • The dealership adopted a holistic approach that emphasized multiple traffic sources that both generated traffic alone and magnified organic and direct traffic at the same time.
  • A shift in budgets, traffic sources, leads and sales to yield better results than what they’d previously seen.


  • Site Visitors increased more than 100% over the last 3 years – from 5,750/month to 11,700/month
  • Site Sessions increased more than 95% over the last 3 years – from 9,800/month to 19,100/month
  • SEM/PPC (Search Engine Marketing/pay-per-click) traffic grew from 2,100/month to 5,000/month
  • SEO/Direct (Search Engine Optimization) traffic grew 36% over the last 3 years – from 6,700/month to 9,200/month
  • Social PPC (pay-per-click) traffic grew from virtually nothing per month to 2,600+/month


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