Case Study:

From unseen to unstoppable - Increasing student enrollment


The teams at Oregonian Media Group collaborate with regional businesses to help them scale their work and reach target audiences here in the Pacific Northwest.

This monthly case study proudly shares how we helped an online charter school build awareness and consideration to drive enrollment.




Our comprehensive digital marketing campaign improved conversions for this educational institution.


Challenge: A publicly-funded online charter school in Oregon faced the challenge of increasing awareness of its K-12 education offerings and attracting more prospective families to enroll in their program.

Approach:  Our teams at Oregonian Media Group used SEO, SEM, display ads, and social media marketing (on Facebook and Instagram) to implement a multi-channel strategy. We also created video ads and placed them on platforms like YouTube, pre-roll video on premium websites, and OTT video on streaming services and connected TVs.

Results:  The comprehensive campaign achieved remarkable outcomes. The video ads provided countless hours of uninterrupted exposure time, directly driving traffic to the website and doubling the typical time spent. The successful SEM efforts increased the campaign conversion rate by 132%. The digital advertising utilized a targeted and multi-channel approach to build awareness and consideration among prospective families in Oregon, ultimately attracting more families to enroll in the online charter school program.


Be Known

Put simply, customers need to know you exist and be exposed to your work. They are likely being made aware of other providers and your competitors. 

Be Seen

Customers need to see you engaging positively with your customers and communities. You want to be seen when consumers decide to buy (based on myriad triggers), as they explore and evaluate cleaning services and your competitors.

Be Found

When the cycle of consideration elements merge and consumers seek out a purchase experience or transaction on a website, you most definitely want to be found.


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