Case Study:

From Declining Traffic to Thriving Practice

Reflex Knee case study

The teams at Oregonian Media Group collaborate with regional businesses to help them scale their work and reach target audiences here in the Pacific Northwest.

This case study proudly shares how we helped a knee surgery alternative private practice generate a significant increase in interested patients.


Challenge:  Reflex Knee Specialists is a private medical practice that provides non-surgical treatments for various conditions that affect the knee joint. Reflex had been working with the same vendor for years but began to notice that their total lead volume needed to be higher than their established goals. Additionally, they were experiencing significant drops in organic traffic due to transitioning their website to another platform. Oregonian Media Group provided a free analysis of their current search efforts (SEM & SEO) to determine if there were opportunities to improve overall website traffic and lead volume. Reflex stated that their lead volume goal was 150 per month across their three locations.

Approach: Our team worked hard to clean up the mess created by the website vendor switch, including optimizing Google My Business and local listings, creating and updating blog content, and building high-quality backlinks. Additionally, our team restructured their Google Ads campaign to focus more on high-quality, relevant search terms. We also updated the ad copy to achieve more substantial ad strength scores. After several months of data collection, the team discovered that a strategy shift was needed and helped realign messaging to better target and connect with potential patients. We made adjustments due to low lead volume in Reflex Knee’s Bellevue and Phoenix offices, such as budget reallocation and adding a video strategy for Bellevue.

Results: Our team consistently built back the organic traffic while search marketing efforts drove a 700% increase in conversions since the start of the campaign; additionally, after four months of data, our average lead volume sits at 172 leads per month, a 14.6% increase over the initial goal of 150 leads per month. The addition of video strategy increased new leads for the Bellevue office and tremendous growth driven by both the SEM and SEO efforts. We achieved a genuine partnership through continued collaboration, valuing the other as a highly strategic partner and an asset to Reflex’s continued growth.


Be Known

Put simply, customers need to know you exist and be exposed to your work. They are likely being made aware of other providers and your competitors. 

Be Seen

Customers need to see you engaging positively with your customers and communities. You want to be seen when consumers decide to buy (based on myriad triggers), as they explore and evaluate cleaning services and your competitors.

Be Found

When the cycle of consideration elements merge and consumers seek out a purchase experience or transaction on a website, you most definitely want to be found.


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