A locally-owned retailer of ‘affordable luxury’ home furnishings had to meet a Labor Day deadline for the launch of a multimedia campaign. The focus of the campaign was to showcase its all-new website, but development of site stalled, and they risked missing one of the biggest promotional opportunities of the year. They had never invested in digital display advertising, and were skeptical about whether it would help meet sales goals. So they considered scuttling the campaign altogether.

Frustrated, they turned to us for guidance.


We worked quickly and closely with their web developer to troubleshoot problems with the website. Along with targeted digital display ads and high-impact takeovers on, they placed full-color print ads in The Oregonian.

We executed targeted search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns to attract Labor Day weekend shoppers. Then, we tracked every impression, click and conversion to assess the ROI.


  • SEM and digital display drove a big lift in traffic to the new website, and spurred numerous phone calls.
  • Overall, the display click-through-rate (CTR) measured an impressive 7%.
  • The client was thrilled with the new creative, with the two highest performing ads averaging 21% CTR.


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